Updated Websites, Your Key to Target Focused Traffic

Continuous monitoring, updating and maintenance of your website are crucial elements in the protection and ongoing success of your online business initiatives. Ensuring that your website is effective and stays updated is as critical as its initial development. Website creation can be comparatively easy as against the hassles of maintaining it.

When you entrust you website to Mitash, you can focus on your core business, ensured of an end-to-end Web Maintenance and Updation Solution. Our teams of certified website maintenance experts deliver the desired accuracy and quality essential to keep visitors hooked on to your website. Through the Mitash Website Maintenance and Updation Solution you are assured of:

  • Style consistency of new website additions
  • Quick and easy update requests through email or fax
  • Image additions compressed to reduce page loading time
  • Preview of updates on a demo server prior to going live
  • Updates optimised to improve search engine rankings
  • Proactive maintenance solutions – we identify new online opportunities for your business

Our range of Website Maintenance and Updation Solutions are flexible and customized according to customer needs and encompass:

Fresh Content Updates

Mitash keeps your website vibrant with the latest content as updated information attracts visitors back to your website. We archive dated news items and related information as search engines spider websites that incorporate continually updated content. We also keep your website free from errors like broken links and sloppy code for good search engine rankings.

Ongoing SEO strategies

As part of our Website Maintenance and Updation Solution, Mitash does a comprehensive review of your keywords and refines them regularly at no extra cost.

Technology Updates

We incorporate the latest technologies to improve your website’s performance for quick download and improved content reach.

Our additional Maintenance and Updation solutions include:

  • Copywriting, programming graphic designing and flash animation
  • Website analysis and search engine optimisation
  • Online Marketing
  • Newsletter and email list maintenance
  • PDF creation