4 Places You Should Be Using Your Primary Keyword Phrase


This is one for SEO beginners and something I have overlooked writing about until now. As you know, or should know, it is important to select keywords relating to your website that receive high search volume in the search engines.  When conducting your keyword research, it is likely that you will identify one primary keyword phrase that best describes your site, such as “leather handbags” or “meditation mp3s”, depending on your industry. This keyword might not necessarily be the most lucrative in terms of buyers, but it will describe your site with exact relevance, identifying the primary purpose of your website to the search engines.

Once you have identified this keyword phrase, there are a number of places you need to use this keyword on a regular basis to continue optimising your SEO.

1. The title tag for your homepage

This is probably the most important place as this will be the first thing indexed by the search engines. Don’t miss this one out whatever you do!

2. The heading of your site

For solid on-page SEO, this keyword phrase should feature in the heading of your site, and try not to dilute it. It should appear as the majority of people will search for it. For example: “Real Leather Handbags” not “Real Handbags In Leather.

3. Alt-tags

Any pictures or versions of your logo can have an alt-tag attached to describe the image to the search engines. Of course, on other pages you may choose to target other keywords in the alt-tag that are more relevant to the theme and content on that page. But on your home page, in particular, make sure you use alt-tags to target your primary keyword phrase.

4. In Anchor Text in links from other websites

As part of your SEO strategy you will be building links from other sites back to your site. If you have the opportunity to control the text from which the link arises, use your primary keyword phrase to link from. Again, bear in mind that when linking to sub-pages you may want to diversify and link from other keywords that you have identified in your keyword research.

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